Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain is a popular landscape project by the American studio Gustafson Porter. The surrounding environment of Kensington Gardens in London provides the constant flow of pedestrians and completes the peaceful ambience of the scenery.

The curved layout of the water path invites the visitor into its heart via three crossings, representing the open and honest character of the princess reaching out. The water flows from the starting point in two directions and finally meets in a smoothly shaped pool. The stream’s quiet, calming nature demonstrates a liveliness of its own in particular segments, where the sculpted bottom of the stone bed creates movement effects in the water. 

This refined concept was made possible by the use of advanced digital technologies for designing and cutting the individual 545 pieces of Cornish granite, put together by skilled craftsmen from across the UK.  The inviting and accessible layout attracts the passing Londoners and tourists to join in the design idea of human contact and openness.  


The project by Gustafson Porter can be found on their website Gustafson Porter: Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial.